Solar Farm LiDAR Mapping

HALIS has completed numerous aerial surveys for the development of Solar Farms, and was recently tasked with aerial surveys of an existing site.  The site had been designed utilizing older mapping data acquired when trees were still present on site, and leaves were on the trees.  As a result of the methodology and timeframe in which the original survey was accomplished, elevation data relied on for solar panel placement was not accurate.  It was discovered after construction that many of the panels were partially or, in some cases, completely submerged after heavy rainfalls.  An updated vertical dataset was needed to support remediation of the flooding conditions.

With our Riegl scanner mounted in a helicopter platform, flight crews acquired LiDAR data at a point density of 20 ppm while simultaneously acquiring imagery to support bare earth processing.  Processing included the calibration of LiDAR to supplied control and the generation of a bare earth surface to be used in the generation of 1’ contours.  As an added-benefit deliverable, HALIS staff also created a simple 3d model of the existing solar panels through the use of macro processing originally intended to extract and vectorize buildings in urban areas.

Final deliverables were made in AutoCAD format and followed standards provided by the end client.


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