Cross Country Pipeline Mapping

HALIS was contracted to provide the acquisition of ground control, airborne LiDAR and digital color (RGB) imagery for approximately 480 miles for the Northeast Expansion Pipeline in Upstate New York and Pennsylvania.  Using our Trimble LiDAR and Imagery system we simultaneously collected the LiDAR and Imagery in single pass. 

The Acquisition Parameters and deliveries included

  • LiDAR average cross-track and along-track spacing of laser pulses was 10 ppsm (resulting is a single pass), where a valid range is considered to be to the ground or to vegetation, buildings or other obstructions on the ground, and
  • The corridor width was 1500 foot useable swath (750 feet either side of the provided centerline)
  • Color aerial imagery was captured at sufficient resolution to support ortho-rectification at an output resolution of 6-inch GSD, and
  • HALIS was responsible for additional ground control (in addition to CORS stations) for data calibration and QA/QC.   70 strategically placed ground control points throughout the project was collected. 70 control points was strategically distributed throughout each segment to provide documentation that project accuracies were achieved. Horizontal and vertical accuracies of the LiDAR was checked by ground survey methods and the results served as the basis of the LiDAR accuracy report.
  • LiDAR accuracy of the data provided exceeded the required Vertical accuracy of .60” (15cm) and Horizontal accuracy of 1.0’ (30cm) at the 95% confidence level (1 sigma),

The calibrated .LAS flight lines and Imagery with exterior orientation files were used by the client to generate 2’ contours, Planimetrics and 6” Ortho imagery to support the NEEP design.


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President: Geoffrey Sease

Vice President: Jeremy Mullins CP, PLS, GISP