NERC Transmission Line Mapping

Our team’s transmission line experience of data acquisition and processing includes over 15,000 miles of airborne LiDAR surveys across the South and Midwest.  With various tasks including; Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR), oblique and video data collection, ground survey control, feature coding, PLS-CADD deliveries and orthophotography services ranging from 500kv to 46Kv transmission lines.

Data Acquisition

  • Helicopter platform acquisition to include simultaneous LiDAR and vertical imagery utilizing our Trimble LiDAR system and Utrack Oblique/Video system
  • High dense LiDAR scan and 0.25’ vertical imagery 
  • Oblique Structure / Substation Images
  • Survey control matrix for ground truing of LiDAR data.
  • Weather Stations / Meteorological Information
  • Communicating with FAA and utility companies pre, during, and post flight
  • Quality Control data insuring accuracy and project coverage

Processing LiDAR/Imagery/PLS-CADD

  • Calibrated LiDAR data to meet 0.25’ vertical / horizontal accuracy.
  • Generate LiDAR accuracy reports comparing the field survey points.
  • Filtering and editing of ground point candidates to result in a “thinned” DEM. This data primarily served as the input for generation of a TIN model in PLS-CADD for purpose of generating ground centerline, left and right profiles.
  • Import, orientation and rectification of imagery to the LiDAR DEM to be output at 3-inch GSD. 
  • Classify LiDAR, suspended objects inclusive of main conductor (all phases 1, 2 & 3), crossings, underbuild, attach points, guys, shield, vegetation, hydrology, roads, buildings, structure centers, poles, signs, etc.
  • Preparation of a PLS-CADD model on the transmission line per NERC specification, include features and obstacles in the corridor that are located and identified by laser-scan and color digital imagery. 
  • Create PLS-CADD .BAK files incorporating client specific .fea files
  • Geo-coded Oblique Structure Images and corridor video

115 Westridge Industrial Blvd. Suite 150
McDonough, GA, 30253

President: Geoffrey Sease

Vice President: Jeremy Mullins CP, PLS, GISP