Small Site 1' and 2' Contour Mapping

Many of the mapping projects that HALIS completes are in support of surveyors who need an alternative method of extracting planimetric and topographic data for small site surveys.  In these cases, the use of our aerial LiDAR and imagery integrated system allows the surveyor to complete projects that would otherwise not be feasible due to one of a number of factors including cost, access limitations, or the presence of heavy vegetation.

As a small business focused on aerial acquisition and processing, HALIS does not provide in-house survey services, forming a mutually beneficial relationship with land surveyors.  Through our aerial services, we have developed a robust network of local surveyors throughout the country, and often rely on those surveyors to provide aerial mapping control or GPS support for projects.  

Small site surveys typically involve the acquisition of LiDAR data coupled with aerial imagery.  Final products include 1' or 2' contours, topographic detail in the form of digital terrain models, orthophotography, and planimetric mapping.  These products can be delivered in a number of common format based on the surveyor's or end client's needs, including MicroStation, AutoCad, and ESRI.

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