ALTA Mapping Support

Aerial surveys will never be a complete replacement for field surveys in ALTA surveying, but the two technologies complement each other very well.  Field surveys will always be necessary for aerial control and boundary line surveys, at minimum, and should always be utilized to perform a completeness and accuracy check on the aerial mapping provided.

Where appropriate, HALIS works with land surveyors to assist in ALTA surveys. HALIS can drastically reduce the field work needed for ALTA surveys, especially the more complex sites such as urban parcels or commercial lots. HALIS’ Trimble Harrier system is the perfect aerial solution for these projects because both imagery and LiDAR can be collected simultaneously. 

Once acquired, we can extract a number of features directly from the LiDAR, from the imagery, or through a mixture of the technologies.  Especially useful in large or complex areas, aerial LIDAR can provide nearly all of the elevation data required for a typical ALTA survey, and imagery can reduce the field work and time commitment needed to extract features such as parking stripes, fencing, buildings, and above ground utilities.

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